Monday Look: Oversized Sweater

January 30, 2017

Oversized sweaters are one of those favorite trends that come with the colder weather. It is the perfect time to bundle up in cozy sweaters looking warm and stylish. There is nothing cozier than these and i think they look effortlessly cool with everything. We all want to pull off oversized sweaters so we look chic and not sloppy, right? The best thing is that there are lots of fantastic ways to wear them. 

I once ordered a sweater in my size and found out that it's bigger than the normal one. It keeps me warm, so i kept it. I only wanted to wear it at home because it is big and comfy. But then i discovered how amazing it is! Whether trying to create casual looks or want to take office styles to a whole new level, it can be the most fashionable item by styling it properly. From jeans to dresses, any garment can make great pairs with this item! 

My tips?
Balance the proportions. Slim down the bottom if you are going big on top so you don't look frumpy!

Like I did above, i layered my sweater over a blouse, letting just the colar and cuffs pick out and pair it with boots! Also, wearing coat on top to slightly structure my sweater visually!

What do you think about the outfit? What is your best part about cold weather attire?

I hope you have a great weekend!

How to Wear Ruffle Blouses in Winter

January 28, 2017

When the sun starts to shine we know that spring is coming! The increasing heat means you need to ditch the heavy winter clothes for something more comfortable. What i love about spring is that you have several other options for spring fashion. And the perfect item should be blouses!

When i was younger, i never wear blouses because i felt like it made me look too professional and old. Over the years somehow, i have shed my dislike and discovered how versatile they are. Blouses are one of those must-have items in winter after sweater. It is the staple of every woman's wardrobe. In 2017, it is not the typically casual blouse that will be in. But the good news is, everybody CAN rock blouses!

My tips?
Layer wool coats over the long sleeve ruffle blouse!

What to pair with:
Classic coats.
Flat shoes.
Simple earrings.

Combine a classic wool coat with a high-neck ruffled blouse, pointed toe flats, black trousers and velvet tote. Oh and don't forget bow earrings!

Match this wool coat to a ruffled bell sleeve blouse, black tailored trousers and leather lace-up flats. The wool fedora, black handbag and knot stud earrings make the look romantic!

Pair oversized wool coat with polka-dot ruffle blouse, shredded jeans and lace-up pointed shoes. Keep it classic by wearing leather satchel handbag and diamond stud earrings.

What do you think about the outfits? What is your favorite must-have item in winter after sweater?
Let me know!

I hope you have a great weekend!

10 Ways To Make The Most of Winter (+ a Free Printable!)

January 25, 2017

oh winter, who doesn't love winter? i mean, the snow, christmas time, cozy blanket, oversized sweater, everything is wonderful in cold weather. though, i know some of you can't stand the cold, including me, and already looking forward to next summer, but then as usual, you miss the winter again.

so before you do, here are some things you can do before winter ends:

go through old photos
take a walk in the snow
have a snowball fight
stay in pajamas all day
go sledding
go ice skating
bake cookies
build snowman
do an outdoor winter photoshoot
drink hot cocoa with marshmallows

please click here to get your free checklist!

what would you do before winter ends?

have a great day everyone!

Monday Look: Turtleneck Shirt

January 23, 2017

You guys! It was sunny here in Germany and i'm so happy about it. It means, spring is coming!

We took advantage of winter's warmer temperatures by going outside today and explore another places to take a walk. We love to go to a park or a big field where you can see a beautiful landscape or even sunset. Since we do not know so many places here, we just open maps, find dark green areas (where it marked as park of course!) and we are headed there! it is interesting though, that we presumed it is a green park as it has been shown. but it is winter, and we only saw a big field covered with snow! We laughed so hard because we didn't see any green places there. We stopped off there however because of a beautiful landscape but it was so windy we couldn't stand it! So we are heading back to a park we used to go an hour later. There were so many people but it was a beautiful day!

I paired my beige trenchcoat with my favorite gray turtleneck shirt, black jeans and ankle boots. I love to keep my outfit comfy and casual but still classic.

What do you think about the outfit? And do you like to take a walk on Monday? Share your stories with me! You know I love to hear from you!

Have a great day!

How To Wear Pastel Coats in Winter

January 22, 2017

If you think winter is the time where you can only wear a warm coat and cannot be stylish with it, you are wrong! I have to say, pastel coats are a must-have item of clothing during cold days. Where everything around is dark and gloomy, it is perfect to wear pastel shades. They are ideal to lighten dull days. And when it comes to simple and ladylike outerwear, you cannot go wrong with a pastel coat. They make you feel girlish, and who else can't get enough of it? They are not just for summer or spring anymore!

My tip?
Keep the rest of your outfit neutral!

Match a powder pink coat to a black culotte and a cream turtleneck wool sweater, a black pump and a black glossed leather tote. With rose quartz earrings and floral watch and you are good to go!

Or try a single button fold overcoat with a classic black dress, a green clutch and lace-up pumps. Keep it edgy by wearing a faux suede wrap choker and emerald green stud earrings.

A pale blue coat seems to be perfect to a midi pencil skirt and a beige turtleneck wool sweater, ankle strap sandals, monogram leather clutch and geometric drop earrings.

What do you think about the outfits? Which one is your favorite? And what is your must-have item of clothing in winter? Please let me know!

I hope you have a great weekend!

Favorites I

January 18, 2017

the way we touch by we are twin

piece of clothing.
red culottes

bird by bird by anne lamott

milka + tuc cracker

curly sue


blush roses


to do on the weekend.
Spaziergang im Wald


Monday Look: Striped Tee

January 16, 2017

it's monday again, it means another Monday Look!

we went to the big park in the city again today and we discovered a beautiful old building in the middle of it. it was pretty small, built in 1680 (MDCLXXX), like many buildings here in Germany. we thought we could find out what that is but there wasn't any description about it. it looks like a castle, but it is surrounded by a big green park (of course not green in winter) and it could only be a Palais. 

it was a really big park, and we didn't even go through the half of it in an hour. but it must be wonderful in summer, where the flowers bloom again. we would definitely visit the park again soon! 

i paired my striped tee with my favorite gray trenchcoat. it is completed with blue jeans and black boots. it's light, simple yet classy and it fits in winter time, the weather where i always have to wear five pieces and a big thick jacket. it was almost 10 degrees warmer tho!

what do you think about the outfit? let me know! 
have a good start into the week!

How To Rock A Bomber Jacket In 2017!

January 13, 2017

we all know that 2016 was the year of the bomber jacket. you love them, i love them, everybody loves them! i even already had one five years ago. it's not too heavy, not too light, which is why i wore it proudly almost every day in my last year of school. i was so happy that last year was the year again. whether leather, oversized or velvet, the bomber is in!

with a new year brings new trends, this one needs to stay in 2017! it's cool, it's chic, it's easy to combine with other pieces like teaming it with mini-skirts, boyfriend jeans or even culottes. my style picks is wearing sweater or a striped tee. and the final touch lies in the boots. 

my tips? 
choose a bucket bag or a bagpack because it's just perfect to create a streetstyle look with the bomber jacket!

the key is to keep it simple! black boots, black culottes, black bagpack and striped off-the-shoulder top! and of course, chocker!

i LOVE this outfit! this blue satin bomber jacket is amazing, i just have to add a high ankle boots, a mod mini and a mock neck cropped sweater. it is pretty much french, don't you think?

to be honest, this is a casual school outfit, but the bomber jacket rocks! with a final touch of satin bagpack and you're ready to go! 

which piece of clothing you wore the most at school? and what do you think about these outfits?
for more inspiration please take a look on my Polyvore account here

i wish everyone a great weekend!

Monday Look: Red Sweater

January 9, 2017

The snow is finally arriving here in Germany! It's pretty late as the snow didn't fall on christmas day, but at least it is still winter. I love winter time, more than summer to be honest, but sometimes it is so cold i just can't stand it, especially when my feet get cold and my toe cramps. It gets even worse after just a 20 Minutes walk (but then again, which woman doesn't have the same problem?) despite wearing thick socks. But that's okay, because i enjoy the feel of the softly falling snow and admire how beautiful the city is during the winter time.

I combined my red sweater with turtleneck top my black jeans and a green puffer jacket. I just love this jacket, it's perfect for daytime in winter and i don't need extra scarf because it completed with a hood that keep me warm. 

What do you think about the outfit? Let me know! 

And i hope you have a great Monday!

Why Eyeglasses Are Important In Winter And How To Style Them!

January 7, 2017

I personally do not have to wear eyeglasses in general but i do love them and i wear them as often as in summer. Not only it is fashionable, the sun light in winter does not get weaker, just like UV rays, and glasses can protect my eyes during the cold months. Especially here in Germany, it's been snow storming for the past days and glasses are the best way to keep my eyes comfortable! Bright reflexion can also cause glare and it is dangerous while skiing and driving. 

People, eyeglasses are fantastic!

Now you know why they are not only trendy but also important in winter. If you are confused how to style eyewear, you don't have to be. Here are 3 outfits I combined to inspire you!

What do you think about the outfits? Please let me know! For more inspiration you can also visit me on Polyvore here.

I wish you have a great weekend, and do not forget your eyeglasses!

Monday Look: Gray Trenchcoat

January 2, 2017

Happy Monday! i hope you have had a good start into the new year. yesterday we stayed all day at home to recover. and since we haven't explore the city enough last year, we decided to visit a big garden in town. it was a beautiful afternoon. we walked in forest and saw great buildings next to it. i am grateful to live in this city because there are lots of wonderful buildings here, and i LOVE it.

what are you grateful for today? i'd love to hear from you! and i wish you a great week!

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