Monday Look: Red Sweater

January 9, 2017

The snow is finally arriving here in Germany! It's pretty late as the snow didn't fall on christmas day, but at least it is still winter. I love winter time, more than summer to be honest, but sometimes it is so cold i just can't stand it, especially when my feet get cold and my toe cramps. It gets even worse after just a 20 Minutes walk (but then again, which woman doesn't have the same problem?) despite wearing thick socks. But that's okay, because i enjoy the feel of the softly falling snow and admire how beautiful the city is during the winter time.

I combined my red sweater with turtleneck top my black jeans and a green puffer jacket. I just love this jacket, it's perfect for daytime in winter and i don't need extra scarf because it completed with a hood that keep me warm. 

What do you think about the outfit? Let me know! 

And i hope you have a great Monday!


  1. Lovely warm look for a snowy day. xoxoxo


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