NYE outfit ideas.

December 31, 2017

new year is right around the corner and i am already excited way before i even write this post, because it's all about NYE outfit y'all! my mind is blown that we are about to hit 2018 TOMORROW! with the holiday season comes a lot of parties and outfits. and that ladies, means it's time to be fancy once more.

i am always thrilled on the holiday seasons especially on christmas and NYE and on days in between because who isn't? let's be honest, whether you are sad to see 2017 go or dying for a fresh start, you have to say hello to the new year looking fabulous! and even though my family and i spend a quite NYE that evolves casual dinner and playing some game cards till midnight (which is so much fun!) but somehow i feel the need to play dress up as i am ready to rock 2018!

so are you also like me who just went shopping for NYE TODAY? i'll go for a perfect black dress this year and i've been looking for one lately but i keep my eyes moving around from one dress to another. there are so many gorgeous dresses out there and i just can't decide 'till the last minute. do you feel me? i have put together NYE outfit ideas for all ladies to make every head turn their way as the clock strikes 12!

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whether satin, sequin or sheer, you cannot go wrong with these beauties! how are you celebrating and what are you wearing for new year's eve this year? let me know which of these inspiration picks is your favorite! i wish you all a fresh new start and a very happy and warm new year!

until then.

christmas 2017.

December 26, 2017

how was your christmas? it has been such a busy month for us. i mean, it's christmas! we decorated the house, got our christmas tree, baked cupcakes and cookies, visited family, found the best Bratwurst in the city and took our very first photo booth picture. i cannot ask for a better month. it was indeed a wonderful time of the year!

advent calendar is a must in december. it was pretty hard to find one that i really like because usually it consist of chocolate and i'd like to have things that i really use for the next few months. i'm not craving for chocolate in general and especially on christmas i get so many of them. as i found this maybelline's advent calendar i was beyond excited! 

these cookies happen to be one of my favorites. it took me almost 3 hours to bake but it's worth it! the last time i baked cookies was 2 years ago and due to moving house so i guess 3 hours is pretty quick, right?!

i got this sweet cheeks kit from my man that i really adore! i've been wanting to try it out for months and i am so thrilled to got it among other things for christmas! i'm so excited and i might write a review about this product next year.

twinning the christmas tree!

a selfmade santa's sleigh!


what is christmas without christmas movie like polar express? i remember i didn't want to watch this 3 years ago and my man insisted me to watch this. i cannot survive christmas without it since! it's too bad that this year was not a white christmas here but i don't lose hope!

i wish everyone a very merry christmas and a wonderful time with your beloved ones! happy holidays!

until then.

the best last-minute christmas gifts for women.

December 22, 2017

i woke up this morning realizing that it's only 2 days left till christmas. it's insane how fast time flies. i've wrote about it almost every time i posted something here. what can i say, the snow fell only once this year. it doesn't really feel like christmas. i mean, i barely hear christmas song either on the radio or on tv. BUT, there is no reason not to buy nice gifts for the person you love.

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maybe you are one of those people who are still scratching head about what to get for your friends or your family. time's ticking. you procrastinated way too long. i've been there. the christmas break starts today and thank god i got my gifts ready since last week because i know i've had so much to do at school. you know what, it's never too late! with this list, i hope i could help you out because these pieces will make your bff/mom/sister/lady the happiest on christmas day!

so i wish you all best of luck and hope the gifts come on time on your hands!

until then.

December means Weihnachtsmarkt.

December 1, 2017

it is crazy to mention but we are so close to the end of the year: only 30 days left! i remember i sometimes made fun of the future with my friends in elementary school, to believe there would be flying cars or some other awesome technology in 2018 and later. yeah i feel a little bit older to tell this story, but i am in my early 20s so. but when you really face 2018 and things are just stuck where it was, it is kinda weird. at least i can do facetime!

yesterday my friends and i went to christmas market (german: Weihnachtsmarkt). Weihnachtsmarkt has finally opened two days ago and we decided to go there directly after the class. good thing about celebrating christmas in germany is that the city is becoming a wonderland. like, a real pretty wonderland. you know i have been living in indonesia 18 years and there are no such thing as christmas market so when i had my very first christmas here, my heart is full!

there is one drink germans treasure during the christmas season: Glühwein. when you absolutely have no idea what to buy there, try it out! i have to mention that it is a spiced mulled wine, so it is a matter of alcohol. BUT, you can choose kinder punsch instead. it tastes literally as good as Glühwein, only without alcohol. i'd rather drink this because you can ask for whipping cream on top of it. 

there are also tons of delicious dishes the visitor can cost. i would recommend crêpes or Bratwurst. i love to go there every weekend in december because of the wonderful decoration every shop put an effort on. at the end of november you can usually see snow everywhere here (at least last year so!) and you are already in the christmas mood, just like that. it is already 1st of december and you know, we gotta: 'in Weihnachtsstimmung kommen' pretty much like going into the christmas mood. i mean, christmas is around the corner! you have to find a way though.

and finally, i can put my teddy fur jacket on! i LOVE this jacket and would definitely wear this the whole winter. matching it with my mom jeans and a black boots, there i have my go-to outfit in winter. 


how do you celebrate pre-christmas in your city?

until then.

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