Three Years.

October 20, 2018

When Ricky came into my life, there's something about him makes me want to stick with him. At first, we just chatted with each other to pass the time. You know that quote: when you stop looking for love, it appears, and exactly that happened. I was not looking for next boyfriend at all, much less a husband. I was focused on my own pursuits at that time, I mean, I started preparing for moving to Germany. When you are not looking for someone to love, that is when people tend to appear. And despite the fact that I have my whole friends around me, it is a new experience to talk to someone new about everything. So, Ricky and I shared things about our day and just talked to each other almost one year long about any random things. And, there’s something in the way he speaks with me everyday, at any time of day or night, sharing each and every thought that goes through his restless mind.

There’s something in the random and unexpected outings and the late night chats. There’s something in the way he makes me be and lets me be. There’s something in the way he supports and encourages me. There’s something in his willingness to know my story, my past wounds, my heartbreaks. And, there’s something in never getting any of this time back and never ever regretting it. 

And this week.. Ricky and I are celebrating our 3rd anniversary today. Only THREE YEARS! And it feels like we have been together forever. It's actually six years together in total and every single day I am thankful for him. I've scrolled through photos of our times years ago, when we traveled a lot due to his previous work, when we had summer vacation in Spain and Dominican Republic, when we had picnic for the first time together (which we were excited about!!), and those times, particularly, made me less worry about life. All of the pictures, regardless of the life season we took them in, make me so happy to look at, because it’s me and him. 

He is generally my most favorite person in the world. It wasn’t just our chemistry, it was like our personalities met and they melted into each other instantly. After all the things that we've been through, good times, arguments, difficult times and many laughter together as a couple, I am blessed that our relationship becomes stronger than ever. He has made me feel like the single most important thing in his life for the last six years and I can't thank him enough. He makes me laugh (a LOT! and I LOVE it!), and cry every now and then too, when he does something super sweet. There’s something in the way he makes my heart beat, intensely yet peacefully. There’s something in the way our hearts get closer and closer each time and our souls grow fonder. And there’s something in the way he makes me feel, in the way he makes me smile.

Words can't describe how grateful I am to have him in my life, how much I love to hear his laugh, to hang out together and be completely content, to share life together because there's no one I'd rather spend time with than him. I love him for his generosity. I love it when we hold hands together, everytime when he opens the door for me and lets me in the house first. I love it when he kisses me goodnight as we turn off the lights each night and again when he leaves for work in the morning, and all the other kisses in between. He has taught me many wonderful things and the important of gratitude, forgiveness and letting go. He has seen me at my worst and never gave up on me. I am the luckiest to have the best support system as he is, supporting me with my dreams without fail and manage to catch me every time I am about to give up. He makes my day every time I’m feeling down and reminds me that life doesn’t have to be so serious. 

I am grateful that he makes me feel worthy of the most respectful and loyal love that I've always wanted. I feel blessed to have a best friend, a lover and a soul mate all together in one loving person. 

Cheers to 3 years, Gummibär! I love you more than you'll ever know.

Must-Have Basics for Fall 2018

October 7, 2018

It's already the 7th of October and I have to admit, the weather is kinda confusing over here in Germany. I mean, as we are stepping into October, it's typical to expect a beautiful orange/brown landscape all over the place. But the weather was amazing (still over 20°C!) all through the last seven days and I still feel like summer isn't over yet! On the other side, it gets freaking cold as soon as the sun goes down so it's hard not to wear heavier clothes during this time. Haha! Since I can't keep up with such weather, basic pieces might come in handy to help get through these 'confusing' Fall days because they basically can be worn with pretty much anything during any time of the year. And I am glad the weather is how it is because how often does Fall have a lot of sunny days anyway?! Hehe.. 

Palazzo Pants

Black Turtleneck

Trench Coat

White Sneakers


wearing: H&M trench coat / ZALANDO turtleneck / MANGO pants / ASOS sneakers

This outfit is so comfortable I might wear it everyday during cold days! What do you think about these pieces? Are you also a fan of basic pieces? I wish you all a lovely weekend!

until then.

Mood board - Fall Fashion 2018

October 4, 2018

With Tumblr and Pinterest comes mood boards all over the place. If you do not know what mood board is: it's a tool for creatives to come to an agreement about something, be it style, decoration, beauty, photography, etc. But it's also a great thing if you are lack of inspiration or you want to get into the mood of the project, hence mood board. So today instead of collecting pictures and arranging them by hand, I decided to make my own digitally based on pictures from Pinterest. Making mood boards is really exciting to solidify the theme, and this time is all about Fall Fashion. When it comes to Fall Fashion, cozy neutrals and earthy hues are the palettes you're mostly going to opt for, right?! And the whole thing gives me those lovely warm and autumnal feelings as the season's changing. So I thought I'd show you guys my favorite pieces for Fall this year..
What do you think about the pieces? Do you like to make mood boards as well? I wish you all a lovely day!

until then.

Dress(ing) for Fall

September 27, 2018

So.. Fall is finally (kinda) here and I am really enjoying the season's change right now. The temperature drops down to literally under 10° C and while it's a 'lil cold, this weather has its place in my heart. I love it when the afternoons still heat up so when I am not in the mood of wearing any jackets or sweater, I can just throw on a knit dress over a long-sleeved shirt and I am ready to go!

wearing: BERSHKA dress / H&M long sleeve t-shirt / PARK LANE loafers

This is literally my first time combining dress with a long-sleeved shirt and I am loving it! When I feel so comfortable in an outfit for Fall, I know that I get my layering game on! What do you guys think? I wish you all an amazing day!

until then.

SheIn Finds I am Loving for Fall

September 23, 2018

I ran across this online shopping website SheIn about three or four years ago and to be honest with you guys, I wasn't sold at all because let's be honest, I thought this was some kind of scam or something. The crazy low prices just seemed too good to be true! But then other bloggers started making reviews about it and everything and I read more and more good and bad experiences about them shopping SheIn. I finally took a time browsing the website and what surprised me the most is that they provide many trendy clothes at literally such a lower cost. I am not talking about the quality because obviously you may not expecting so much but hey, I found my favorites, too, there! I think they all look stylish enough to wear over a season but I am just not quite sure of how they would fit me. In the meantime, I'd love to share with you my these amazing items if you are tempted to order some budget-friendly ones:
What do you think about these? Do you have any experiences shopping there? I'd love to hear it from you! I wish you all a lovely Sunday!

until then.

How I Spend My Me-Time

September 18, 2018

When I was living in Indonesia, I grew up dreaming of being that kind of person who has a full schedule everyday, gives full attention for work and school and just being busy in general. I enjoy doing a lot of different things though because it's kinda challenging. It's sort of an art of you balancing things. This week for example: between studying for three tests and spending time with my man, while I still want to work on blog stuff and do workout. The ugly thing about having so many things to do is when you want to focus on one thing, everything else can easily fall to the wayside. Sometimes it's worth it, though you might need to make minor adjustments to enjoy the journey more. Other times, you need to make major changes to experience the happiness you might think you’re chasing.

In today’s busy society, it also can be challenging to carve out time that’s entirely for you. However, the value of having time for yourself still cannot be measured. Having individual experiences can be as valuable to the relationship as shared experiences. Science suggests that scheduling some time alone is crucial to staying happy and balanced. And if you are happy as an independent human being, your partner can take advantage of your positive energy. As much as I love doing things with my man, I also love doing my me-time. While I enjoy watching movies with him, I take care of myself during the day as well by doing my skincare routine that involves face mask/manicure/pedicure, reading a book or you know.. writing a new blog post. He suggests me to every time I already get home while he is still at work and I am thankful for having a man who values that. It's just those little activities that allow me to relax and do my thing because let's be real, nobody got time for a full day of spa (unless you schedule it!). So, if you need some tips on how to plan the perfect me-time, here are a few brilliant ways to get in:

Treat yourself
Cooking is one of those things I love to do to treat myself. I really enjoy the process of cooking because growing up in Indonesia helps me to! We always cook at home and never buy or order fast-food so it's always fresh and clean. Living in Germany makes me realize how important it is to cook by myself because I can add a little spice as much as I want. Haha! Don't get me wrong, german foods are delicious as well (hello Rouladen!) but I just used to eat spicy food and that's why I rather cook at home or go to Asian restaurant! Haha!

Create something
Spending time with myself, having fun by creating things is such an amazing way to spend some me-time! It doesn't have to be finished, doesn't have to be planned out right and doesn't have to be perfect at all. You know.. just for fun! I really enjoy writing things down, or drawing, baking a cake, or just making a list of things I love. It's all about the act of creating, not the end result!

Do your skincare routine
No matter how perfect you set up your skincare routine, you just do not have so much time to do it! Although the basic one should've been done everyday that includes moisturizer, cleanser and face oil. But really take your time and enjoy the therapeutic process of the skincare. The time I spend on skin care is not only used to treat myself but to check in with the physical changes going on with my body. Whether taking a long, salt-soaked bath, face mask, scrub, reinoid serum, or a foot spa at home, when I'm all dried off, I feel clean with a pure state of mind.

Found this beautiful soap with such a heaven smell last weekend, I had to buy it! I mean, how could a human being even create this wonderful smell on a soap?!

Don't forget to exfoliate your lips good! This one from Frank Body is my favorite because not only it soothes my lips, it also tastes amazing!

And I finally found the perfect mask from Alya Skin and had to buy twin pack of it! You can apply my coupon code "GRACES20" on their page to get 20% off at checkout!

Take a power nap
This is something I really appreciate as we grow older and have full schedules. When I am really tired during the day, I make sure to have some rest as soon as I get home because.. I just can't help it. Listening to my body helps keeping me focused after that, which boosts my productivity and makes me feel more refreshed. I just feel fantastic after a power nap!

Call an friend/family member
Maintaining positive relationships is food for the soul. By sharing things with the beloved ones and enjoy their company, it can boosts your mood immediately. Especially if you live abroad and your whole siblings live thousands miles away from you. Grab a random moment of free time and call up an old friend or family member that you miss talking to, for no reason other than to catch up. It makes them happy, too! 

Take a bath
I mean, who doesn't love that moment you climb into a bubble bath?! It allows you to relax by yourself, helps reduce overall tension in the body and mind and provides an excellent respite from my busy routine. I feel healthier after a bath because it kind of improves my health. It leaves me soft and supple as well which is amazing!

Read that magazine/book
..because it's more than just educating and entertaining! You can learn many things from reading and it helps absorbing language, grammar, verbiage and sentence structure, of which I really enjoy doing. The right books even open your eyes to undiscovered territory, places and prospects you might not have otherwise entertained. It may not change my whole world, but it may expand the borders a bit. I just love the experience of reading great books and becoming so absorbed that I forget to do anything else. Or turning the pages so fast and getting lost in a book.

What would you do to spend your me-time? Would you do one of these easy things to pamper yourself?

Until then.

Knitwear Fashion for Fall 2018

September 10, 2018

With Fall comes beautiful scenery, brisk air in the morning, plenty of hot drinks and.. cuddle sweaters! As a huge fan of texture, Fall is the best time of the year to start playing with it again. And knitwear is obviously the perfect suit for it since it's one of the easiest fabrics to wear and certainly one of the most stylish yet comfortable options for Fall! The style in the season becomes classy with the touch of outerwear and I am just getting more excited about the wardrobe transition from a fun to a serious one. 

The best thing about shopping nowadays is you can do it wherever you are. And for a student with full schedules like me, online shopping is quite the best option! When I don't have so much time to actually go to stores at the weekend, I scroll down the online shopping websites whether I am walking to the bus station or in the bus myself and I might buy already 4 to 5 pieces (thank God the 'favorite' section exists there so I don't buy anything immediately!). Haha! It's much more convenient these days to order online, it just saves so much time and energy. I remember how long it took me to find a pair of jeans and had to try them out at stores and spend too much time there after a tiring day at school and look at us now! So with the new collection coming up, I am also getting inspired by the Fall fashion online. I put together my favorite pieces I found so these might provide a little Fall inspiration for you as well..

You can find these beautiful pieces on ASOS because it's my favorite one! What do you think about online shopping? Do you like these pieces as well? I wish you all a wonderful start into the week!

Until then.

5 Years Ago | The Beauty of Germany

September 4, 2018

September 4 holds a special place in my heart.

I have never been in Germany before 2013, and having the opportunity to immerse myself fully has confirmed that this is my home now. In the last 5 years in my life, I've never felt so alive. And today marks my five year anniversary of moving to Germany. 

Let me tell you a story how it went that day: I arrived about 10 o'clock in the morning at the Frankfurt airport and directly got a train to Aachen due to my new home for almost a year to take a German class there. The day was remarkable because I had a nosebleed, which I only had one time before that. I just experienced a Fall in Europe, which temperature was 15°C lower than the one in my hometown so the cold weather kinda affected my health that day. It wasn't so dramatic as it sounds, though. It was just really cold for my body and I think my trench coat didn’t help to warm me enough as a woman who has been living with tropical climate for almost two decades.

But you know I am here to celebrate! So I thought I'd write about the things I love about Germany and why I enjoy living here and call it my new home. It's kinda crazy because when you live here and read tons of articles about Germany, I read great stuff: modern technology, amazing cars, beers and.. Oktoberfest. But that's not the point that those things are crazy. Mostly they are true! But you know what, German is more than that. I've put together my top 9 reasons why I am still impressed with this country, until this very second.

The Language

The first thing that seems so attractive to me about Germany is the language itself. I am obviously not the only one who is really interested in it. (Maybe you, too?!) The best thing about it is that you can express almost any emotions through German language. I believe that other language can do that as well, but if you learn to speak the language, everything just makes so much sense. Besides the fact that German has the ability to create compound words, meaning you can make a long word by fusing one or more together, I think German language is still pretty impressive! When I visited Indonesia in summer last year, I needed to hold back for one sec before I speak something in my native language because it felt strange to me that I couldn't even speak German there at all. Even worse, I begin to forget Indonesian words months by months now, for when I speak German, I speak from my soul. Haha! I accidentally mix up the languages, too, sometimes when I cannot say things in Indonesia or English immediately. It's awkward! But now I am just glad I can speak the language of because it's practical! I'd never look back to learn anything else just because of how beautiful the language is.

Obsession with quality.

One thing I learn about living and working in Germany is that they are obsessed with quality! They take a look at every details and make sure that the quality of everything is amazing. It's also impressive the fact they won't stop working on something until it's finished as they want it to be. When we see stuff made in Germany, we know they are high-quality products. High-quality begins with a choice to find the best materials (and combine them with all that precise German design) then use well-educated workers to bring it all together (which is also another important thing here!). If they are a skilled worker in German, you know you can count on their job. So you can tell how they really take their job seriously, and that's another good thing about the Germans.

Ice Cream

I grew up in a society where there are only chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream. I've never tried anything else before, so I'm pretty open when it comes to ice cream. But you guys, there are so many delicious ones over here and I was excited the first time I bought mine, and confused at the same time by the large amount of its flavors. Haha! It's pretty obvious that Germans love and appreciate ice cream. You can tell by the way they eat ice cream whenever and wherever they want, literally! As long as the sun starts shining, you'd see people queued up at every available Eisdiele. Like, who cares how cold it is right now, when it's shiny, it's a good day! Haha! When you are planning to visit Germany and have no idea what to order, here is a list of the top flavors in Germany:

  1. Erdbeere (strawberry)
  2. Stracciatella Joghurt (yogurt)
  3. Vanille (vanilla)
  4. Schokolade (chocolate)
  5. Walnuss (walnut)
  6. Haselnuss (hazelnut) 
  7. Sahne-Kirsch (cherry with cream)


I find the Germans to be the kind of best friends I'd love to have in my life just because how direct they are. They'd say something in your face whether you like it or not, for when it's true, it's the truth! It sounds kinda hard and cruel, though. Well, it was, at first.  Germans just do not use euphemisms to soften a message, nor do they „beat around the bush“. My experience working in the hospital after 2 years living in Germany was unforgettable because I've come across cases where I've been told about something directly and at some point, it was still kinda hurtful. In the reality, the Germans just say what they mean and mean what they say. Direct communication is transparent and honest for them so I can understand how efficient it is especially at work. And, it reduces the risk that people will not understand each other!


Yes, folks. The Germans are well-known for their punctuality and I have to mention that even if you already know about that and never been here before. Most of my German friends define punctuality as arriving 10-15 minutes earlier, and in most cases: that's normal, be it at college, meetings, sales at stores, dinner at restaurant, casual BBQ-evening with your friends and literally appointments in general. Germans take their appointments seriously and expect others to do the same because they are taught about the value of time in everyone’s life. Since most of the Germans are independent and do their own work without anybody’s help, they know the worth of time. Hence, they understand the feeling of ruining someone’s time. And if they cannot be on time, they let the others know way before, which is a great thing also, isn't it?! When I make appointment with my Indonesian friends at 8pm, that automatically means 9:30pm. So for a punctual person like me, it's pretty annoying. And when you live in Germany, you don't have that problem at all.

Tap Water

As my friends begin to drink tap water, I was like.. is it even safe?! Haha! Even I didn't know about that before! Maybe you've heard of this one: tap water in German is safe to drink! And it's true! It saves you so much money, and you can just drink how much water you want! I am thankful for that, since I love water and barely drink anything else. When I lived in Aachen, I bought 6L bottles every 3 days because I used to live in a country where you shall cook the tap water before you drink it. So you know how annoying it was for me as a small person without a car and live alone and have to carry those heavy things! Like everywhere else in Europe, the taste and quality of the tap water differ across the country. And usually, taste is related to the hardness of the water. I am glad that the water taste great where we live right now. Even my man used to drink sparkling water before he chose to drink tap water again with me. And if you start to question: ', they still sell water in Germany?!', well, here are the reasons why:
  1. Many people prefer sparkling water to still water 
  2. Different flavors
  3. Mineral water is advertised as pure and healthier 
  4. It's believed that mineral water contains more minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium and iron
  5. Old habits
  6. People drink water outside their homes too and buying a bottle is more convenient than refilling one at the tap


I love Germans as human beings because of.. their sense of humor (among other things)! I always have fun playing cards with my man and his parents the whole night, and with my friends when I am at college, or with some of my fellow workers at work, because obviously comedy has deep roots in German culture, with a strong appreciation of political satire as well as physical slapstick. I actually do not understand why they say that Germans are the least funny nationality, when in fact I laugh so hard my stomach hurt everyday! I just think when you try to speak with a literal translation from German to English, you lose a lot of meaning that makes a joke funny. And when you have to explain a joke, it just isn’t funny anymore, right?! It’s harder to pun in German when the grammar makes things so much less ambiguous. But if you speak the language, it's much funnier than you think. You just have to understand the meaning.

The Love for Nature

I think Germans appreciates nature and environment like no others. Throughout their history, Germans have had a fascination and love of forests and trees. Ex-chancellor Helmut Kohl warned 20 years ago: "The damage to our forests is dramatic. Our forests are of inestimable importance for the water cycle, for our climate, for our health, for our recreation and for the identity of the German landscape. If we do not succeed in saving our forests, the world in which we live will be changed beyond recognition," he told the German Parliament. Germany's Greens party has also helped bring about change. Now, Germany is the global market leader in wind and solar energy, and is a pioneer in climate policy, hosting regular, lively debates on environmental policies. In addition, they barely sell plastic bags anymore and switch to recycling paper bag in almost all supermarkets. When it comes to garbage, the Germans are a nation of gatherers and sorters. There are several colored garbage cans to choose from: a yellow one for packaging, a blue one for paper, two separate ones for different colors of glass, a brown one for plant waste and a black one for the little that is left over. An orange one for electronics waste is now being introduced in Berlin. And you can be sure that they stick to this rule!


Because my man is German! And his whole family is German! And my best friend is German! And my fellow workers are Germans. So it's obvious enough I guess! But seriously, I really enjoy living in German because of many things. With these people, life is worth living. They understand things in life and have great perspective on life like no other, which I can learn from that have improved myself as a human being so far. And one thing for sure: meeting my German man is the best thing that has happened to me. I share so many incredible moments with him and I am thankful for having him in my life. What makes me so lucky is his honesty, loyalty and his character as a German guy. Forget what you’ve heard about all the Germans being cold and mean. They have a heart, they can love deeply and intense and they do everything they possibly can to make their loved ones happy (like, his parents just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary! how wonderful is that?!). And it is absolutely true. My man is also dedicated at work, and addicted to fix things in the house (broken bed, on which I jumped so high yesterday at 10pm?! he fixed that thing immediately in 1,5 hours! haha!), who impresses me so much. Fixing things at home is just one of his domestic capabilities; he also cooks and cleans, watering plants, helps me studying Physic and Mathematics and makes his own food for work. And he doesn't smoke and drink anymore (already quit years before meeting me), which is amaaaziiing! But most important thing: his love for me is like a pure gold. And it's an amazing feeling to be loved by him because I cherish the time I spend with him every single day. And he makes me the luckiest woman in the world.

Have you ever been in Germany before?

Until then.

Summer to Fall Transition Pieces | My Top 5

September 1, 2018

Happy 1st of September! Summer is winding down and that means.. Fall is right around the corner! All of the sudden on one morning I stepped out of the house and the temperature was about 15°C. Even if I wish Summer could stay a bit longer, I just cannot deny the first signs of Fall here in East Germany. I am preetttttyyy excited about the new season though. While I wait for my closet to be cleaned out quite soon, I still can count on my transition pieces to enjoy the cooler mornings. Here are some transition pieces that I mostly opt for when the Fall is getting closer..


Recently I've seen many great cardigans on sale online and that made me thinking to get one as well. It has to be versatile, long and thick enough to keep me warm as we gradually move into Fall. I'd rather throw a long cardigan over a camisole if I want to get that casual Fall look. Mine from H&M has now become my favorite cardigan since I wore it to a movie date with my man the other night because the temperature turned cool and it was really comfy in it! There are dozens of ways how to wear these marvelous layering knitwear pieces, which is awesome!

Midi skirt.

The only thing I had to wear midi skirt was during my junior until senior high school as it was a part of student uniform for girls in Indonesia. I actually enjoyed wearing it just because how comfortable it was to move around! I wish I got the chance to wear such skirt again since and when I moved to Europe years later, I am glad it's kind of a fashion trend! Especially in Fall, it's such wonderful fashion staple for women and you'll always look put together in it. I am obsessed! My favorite look is the one combined with an oversized knitwear and it gives an instant chic look! How amazing!

Turtleneck knitwear.

For those who might think it's too tricky to look stylish and stay warm at the same time in Fall, look no further than this: the turtleneck sweater. The casual look is definitely what I go for when it comes to back to school and this will keep me warm for practicality and elegantly elongate your neck at the same time. I think one such must-have fashion staple is this one also! This year, I'd rather go beige or cream instead. But if you love colors you should wear any, right?!

Ankle boots.

I don't know what to say. I assume each of you already have ankle boots, don't you? At least I have two-three pairs of them. And I will always opt for these as fall transition pieces when it comes to footwear. They are really stylish and make me cool all of the sudden. You know how versatile these shoes are?! Whether worn with a jeans, dress, or even skirt, ankle boots go with virtually everything in our closet! I wish I could wear them in winter too when it's snowy all over the place just because it makes me so fashionable but nobody wants to slip on ice! Haha!


There are many blouse options out there this year because of the sleeve trends since over a year now! I have a good feeling that this trend may be everywhere as well in Fall (probably not as big as trench coat!). I love the bustier one in the summer though, but I think it still can be wearable in Fall, especially matching it with a high waisted jeans to make any outfit stunning. The puff long sleeve is also really flattering to wear since it keeps you warm as well!

wearing: Tally Weijl black crop top / Zalando denim jeans / ASOS loafers /  H&M sweater

Which one is your favorite transition piece for Fall? I wish you all a lovely weekend!

Until then.

Summer Beauty Essentials 2018

August 28, 2018

As I went through my summer blog posts this year, I realized that I haven't shared with you my beauty essentials to achieve a wonderful summer glow. I am excited to write a beauty post again as I bought some new goodies recently and I am GLAD that they are suitable for my skin! I even added one of them already into my skincare routine..

I have been waiting for a year before finally buy this beauty. I mean, I only have my one and only foundation, that is Double Wear edition from Estée Lauder and I LOVE it! But since I've seen MUAs on Instagram using this tinted moisturizer for their models especially in the summer because of its light coverage and dewy finish, I thought I'd love to try it out, too! I am so glad I bought it eventually because it feels indeed light and clean on my skin, and thank God the golden radiance matches my skin shade as well. Haha! I purchased it online because they were all completely sold out already in late spring. And I was afraid it'd be a bit darker than mine since I couldn't test it out anywhere here at stores. If I apply this, I only put my blush on after and I get compliments on how dewy and radiant my skin is. It's even more than enough to use a very small pea-sized amount and apply with my hands. It is dewy and bright looking, but not glittery or even oily. I just love how nice and healthy my skin looks with this, without having to grab any extra highlighters!

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know I've always wanted to have a great mask. I've tried a bunch of masks out there and nothing seemed to work on my skin, until now! It's amazing that I came across this one and checked the ingredients immediately.. and they are awesome! It contains Kaolin, Aloe Vera, Lactic Acid, Vit. A & C, which help purifies pores and detoxes skin. It's animal cruelty free, vegan-friendly, fragrance-free and safe for all skin types, which is also amazing! I felt instantly in love with the gorgeous pink packaging and the smell.. heaven! If you are willing to spend a little bit more money for a mask, you should try it out for yourself because it's worth it after all. It makes my skin so soft and smooth and I am already obsessed! This becomes a weekly thing for sure and already added into my skincare routine!

After I removed it off with warm wet towel, I can say I was surprised at the effects of the mask. It left my skin feeling hydrated, firm, and glowing. It soothes my skin instantly without having a dry skin! I was surprised because personally, I've never seen instant results from a mask before. I am obsessed with it!

Since I had to order my tinted moisturizer online, it took a little longer for it to finally arrive from UK. Crazy me, I bought this liquid highlighter one day before I received it. Nothing is wrong with that! I mean, I couldn't even know when the package is there anyway. The real reason why I have been wanting to try this product because.. it's liquid! Haha! It sounds awkward but it's quite interesting! I kinda bought into the Becca hype, so when I saw this at a drugstore here I knew I'd buy this one! I thought it'd be amazing to mix with my foundation on any other day when I still want a natural glow. I LOVE it because it gives me a fresh look and I don't even have another highlighter to put on! It's a great liquid highlighter if you want to try one because it's also available in travel size and.. it's best for all-over luminosity!

I know these products are kind of pricey but that's because they are worth recommending! I am really thankful to be able to review these for you guys as well because if you know me, I wouldn't even try to write a post about them if they don't work on me first! If you have tried some of them and excited about them, please tell me in the comment below! I wish you all a wonderful day!

P.S.: I need to share this picture below because this is the real life of blogger I guess! Haha! Just kidding. It is the set of my photoshoot in general and of course: in the kitchen! As some of you already knew, I do many photoshoots in the kitchen because of its amazing sunlight. It's just so fun and I am always amazed how beautiful the results are. But I guess it's one of those BTS (Behind The Scene) I'd love to include in this post because my man was in the background being creative with this egg whisk while I play with my camera! Haha! It's those little moments where I still can share what I do with my beloved one that make me enjoy life even more, who is himself. And.. this picture is still gorgeous to post though. I love it!

Until then.

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