Items of the month - January.

January 31, 2018

as february comes in, i would like you to know THE items of the month. i discovered many good things lately and just can't help but share them here with you guys. it does not contain only beauty product, but also piece of clothes and accessories. and this time, my very first post of items of the month is the combination of all. one of them is even a restock!

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let's talk about the estée lauder double wear foundation. i am crazy about this product! tbh, i never wanted to wear foundation again since i have tried many different foundations, mostly they just seem so cakey on my skin. but this one is a magic! i bought it the first time about two years ago and i bought the second one just this month. i am incredibly happy about it!

this nyx butter gloss.. i can't describe how amazing it is. i mean, the smell! i am obsessed! it feels so soft on my lips and doesn't even feel sticky at all. it's insanely good!

3. & 4.
i bought two items from asos this month and they definitely worth the money! this top and necklace are really pretty and have that vintage vibes on them. i had to wait till my size was available again but i am so glad i got the top and it's unfortunately sold out! 

5. & 6.
this brand has definitely taken social media by storm. i mean who hasn't seen a tarte product somewhere on their social media feeds in the last month? i read many good reviews about it and saw how good the spray works for glowy look, and i am all about glowy skin!

have you tried one of these products? which one is your favorite? have a wonderful day!

until then.

Valentine's day gift ideas.

January 28, 2018

it's hard to believe that valentine's day is around the corner. it feels like i've spent my new year's eve just yesterday! then again, it means that this is the second post i wrote about valentine's day gift ideas. i don't know about you, but i am in love with the idea of valentine's day. it's about anything but love, romance and beauty. and who doesn't love love? i couldn't let myself not to be prepared for this day.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas 2018

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i am doing a fun collage of gift ideas for a special woman holiday this year. when it comes to it, i am all about blush and red shades. i have discovered some cute things recently. one of my favorites is this roses de chloé parfum. i am obsessed! as somebody passed right in front of me, i directly fell in love to the smell of this parfum. and since i was looking for it for weeks. but hey, it's totally worth it! and i also found one of the best red lipstick ever, the one from yves saint laurent. i love how this lipstick feels on my lips. it doesn't make them dry and is freakin' soft! totally worth the price! and let's be honest, how cute these shoes are! i am definitely buy me some for this spring/summer. 

which one is your favorite? let me know in the comment below! have a lovely day!

until then.

Suit up.

January 22, 2018

one of my goals this year is to keep posting regularly here on the blog. i've been sick lately and i couldn't even post picture daily on my instagram. so i had time to clean up my wardrobe a bit and ended up find this white suite i haven't worn ever. last weekend i've suited up and just went to grocery shopping. you know, after you have been sick you feel like a mess for awhile and it takes time to get into daily activity again. this piece of clothes helped me feel 'put together' because once in a while you gotta have one thing that helps you to recover. it is also a perfect day-to-night outfit, especially on the weekend where all you want to do is being outside all day long.

i grabbed my turtleneck sweater that i bought in my hometown and matched them together with my black pants. i stick to neutral shades when it comes to formal look. it's been a long time tho since the last time i wore such a classic business look like this, but once in awhile it is such a fun thing to do. although my future job has less to do with office and stuff, i would definitely go for this look here and there in my free time. i really enjoy wearing this work outfit, makes me feel classy in some way and brings a new style in my wardrobe.

which piece of clothes helps you feel put together? let me know in the comment below! have a wonderful day!

until then.


January 16, 2018

here we are, already in the third week of 2018. as the time goes by, we all often forget how important self-care is. this thing fades away unintentionally from our priority list, don't you think? i feel like, it's been a long time ago since i put on a face mask. all i do is school/work, study, cook, and with the evening comes exhaustion and homework. one day, i was home early and so tired i had to take a bath. i cannot describe how good it felt. and man, how rare i've done this. it feels like i need to do this everyday, and it's not selfish. i am choosing to put myself first just then. i mean, nobody will do this for you except yourself. take a step back from your to-do list and center yourself. only this way you'll find energy to do all that other stuff. so, do self-care, ladies!

take a hot bath.
whether it's a good day or bad day, you deserve a hot bath. even better, it produces a good sleep before bed. pick some soaps that smell good, soak in a hot bath and warm yourself to the bone. after a long hard day, sometimes it is hard to make a difference if you are  only being tired or feeling ill. it can help you relieve pain and reduce cold symptoms. do this and thank me later! 

listen to your favorite music.
i do not know about you, but it helps me concentrate before study  and examination. it is insane how relaxing it can be and sometimes your body needs it. beside, i cannot help but dance to my fav music and it boosts my mood in some way. i feel happiness and joy and so i feel like i can do anything in the world.

watch reruns of your favorite sitcoms.
i feel like a little kid who waits for christmas present in december. it's exciting and the feeling is essential at times. hell, i watch reruns of mine every months. i watch them every time i feel ill or beaten down and i am beyond happy afterwards.

sleep when you are tired.
and yes, you should definitely get some sleep! this simple self care act can make such a huge positive impact on daily basis. like, why not? of course, you cannot sleep on the desk at work, and i am not trying to tell you to give anything up. i understand that we all have so many things on the go. but with a good sleep hygiene you are going to be less likely to become ill and that's essential in order to get things done.

put on a face mask.
i don't know about you, but if i put on a face mask, i have to sit down and do nothing except read a book. i cannot jump around or cook in the kitchen because i feel like it's getting dry and broken quickly. so i automatically have to take some rest on the couch and let myself relax a little bit.

buy yourself roses.

have you ever paid attention how calm down you get if you see sleeping babies, hear the sound of the sea, or smell the rain? your head translate these things into life, serenity, beauty or relaxation somehow. and this effects me the same if i see or buy myself some roses. i mean, roses are a timeless beauty. and having these around me is like 

drink a cup of tea.
aside from its numerous health benefits, it's safe to say that tea has the power to calm you down. it helps you to relieve stress, easy to make, and afternoon tea. need i say more?

make a gratitude list.
there is no greater mood-booster than making a gratitude list and even your worst day, you have always got at least one little thing going for you. it is kind of a reminder that everything is going to be okay. to write down a few things you’re grateful for everyday will give you the feeling that the world would never let you down.

write a love letter to yourself.

you’ve come a long way down a hard road. take a time to give yourself some credit. you might think you know already what will fill the pages of a letter to yourself, but you will probably be surprised what comes out when you sit down to write. remind yourself that you have achieved some things you can be proud of. nobody but you knows how much courage it costs to get you to the exact place where you are right now. you deserve the world and even a little more.

do you have any plans for this weekend? if yes, take some time and if not, it is the perfect time to try one of these out! 

until then.

Weekend Look: casual chic neutral look.

January 13, 2018

the last 13 days went pretty good for me. i tried out some new beauty products, posted pictures on instagram regularly (till yesterday where i was really ill), tidied up and thrown away all the  junk, cut out sugar, developed healthy eating habits, did self-care at least once a week, and got back to a study routine after a long gap! it was a lil harder than i thought, because i really want to try out new routines this year to find out what work for me to develop myself personally and professionally. overall, i am happy about what i accomplished in the last two weeks.

today we cleared up the christmas stuff in the house because.. it's time. haha! a bit late i guess, but never mind. i could watch christmas tree a little while tho, because it's hard to remove this beautiful thing from the living room. i think we all know this situation pretty well, don't we? but i am also relieved that we already did an early spring cleaning. i am thinking about thinning out the closet, too. i need room already as we move into spring.

speaking of closet, i feel like all my hanger and shelves are taken with piece of clothes. it feels like i can hardly find something to wear to go out especially when i am in a hurry. the first thing that comes in my mind is.. all i want is to be comfortable and forget about the color combination. especially on cold days, i frequently go for casual look. by picking my red heels i got from H&M, matching a long sleeve beige shirt with striped trousers and i am ready to go! how easy is it?!

how did you spend the first 2 weeks of the year? let me know in the comment below! i wish you all a wonderful weekend!

until then.

Things i learned in 2017.

January 8, 2018

yes, this is that kind of post, where i just want to share memories and things learned in 2017. it's been a busy year for me and i am grateful for the precious things i can take between those busy days into a new year. 

get things done.
i am kind of perfectionist. i won't present something that is not done the way i want to. i would write a whole new notebook if it looks 'ugly', and i've literally done this a couple times when i was still going to school. but the thing is, the more i grown up, the more i realize that i only have less time and things just HAVE to be done. so everytime i whisper myself 'you can do better' i'd answer: get over it and move on. next!

we've all heard about this stuff. but i must say, it is essential for every human being. love yourself. do one good thing for your body, your soul, everyday. i always listen to my body. you know, if-you-are-tired-you-go-to-sleep. haha! we all have those days where you just work hard all day long and take some rest later, right? and i have learned that it is not really efficient for me. i feel like i am more exhausted than i actually am. if i know i have to clean the house and study in the evening, i would first take some hot baths and rest for an hour and do my checklist afterward to feel more motivated and ready.

the one you want isn't always the one you need.
i have been shopping a lot this year. it's all about online shopping and how easy this thing is in one click. but at the end of the day, i just want to throw the half of my clothes because i don't wear them as much as another half of them. they are all cute and i remember how bad i wanted them, but you know what, if they stayed unwearable for a while, it seems like i didn't really need them.

go for something you need.
yes, go for it! you need to eat, go for it. you need those clothes, go for it. you need kindness, cut those negative people out of your life, go for it. you need it. there is nothing to negotiate about. everyone has priority. find out yours, and go for it!

do it now or never.
oh yes, this happens often to me when it comes to cleaning. you are in the mood to clean your desk. and you think, one episode of sitcom won't hurt. and then suddenly it's 8pm and you have to study or you know, you just fall asleep. the next day you have another things to get done or you are suddenly ill, you can't clean your desk anymore. do not procrastinate. it's always about time. maybe it's now or never. 

ask for a help if you need one.
all my life i grow up standing alone and trying to solve all my problems alone, letting my own head make decisions. it was back then as i had Physics at school and difficulties to solve homeworks. i listened to my gut to ask for a help and i got one (and i never know that my man is really good at Physics!). there are days where you really need a help and instead of saying 'it sucks but whatever', you ask for a help and change it. it's insane how some tiny things can make a huge change and since, Physics doesn't look so bad at all.

not everyone thinks the same way you do, so do you.
just because somebody disagrees, doesn't mean they are right. and it doesn't mean you are wrong. when it comes to beliefs, morals, politics, not everyone will agree with you on every little thing. and it's okay. take the time to educate yourself and discuss beliefs with others, get to know things from different eyes, rather than writing people off because they aren't exactly like you. we all grow up differently. people around us, school, family, they make us see things the way we see things right now. these things shape us. and people change. it's okay, too. it is part of growing up. and people grow up.

do you learn something this year? share yours with me! i would love to hear from you.

until then.

2017 in review.

January 5, 2018

here's to an amazing year filled with hard work and incredible memories!
are you ready?

JAN 2017
first snow ever in our new city! i start off this year launching a brand new blog, Morning Mountains. also, got my own P.O. Box.

FEB 2017
our car was broken so we took a tram for the first time to go out celebrate Valentine's Day! my man reserved 2 tables at Asian restaurant online and it happened to be such a small one, which we didn't expected of. but it turned to be a great night! i found the best strawberry wrap recipe ever and, we visited Berlin at the end of the month.

MAR 2017
we got a new car! we had our very first ice cream this year and many many evening strolls!

APR 2017
nothing big was really happening in April. we still had to clean out the stuff in our new apartment and bought new furniture.

MAY 2017
my man and i turned one year older. he baked a delicious birthday cake for me which was wonderful!! and i got a DIY pop up birthday card from him that i always wanted to do my whole life. i kept failing doing it and got it on my birthday was a pretty big deal. and, we visited zoo for the first time!

JUN 2017
summer break has just started! i had a further education for 3 days and we had a picnic for the very first time and took a tram at a big park.

JUL 2017
i visited Indonesia for the first time after 4 years and got to know another cousins. i also had a great holiday in Malaysia days before i landed in Indonesia. my man and i went Rundkino a.k.a cinema in our city for the first time. we visited Bastei, a famous rock formation above the Elbe river near by the town.

AUG 2017
back in Germany! and third semester has finally arrived! it was getting pretty crazy as the school has just begun. but thank god for the sun and a real hot summer.

SEP 2017
we visited Burg Stolpen, which is an interesting place to see. and my man got me an analog camera that i've always wanted!

OCT 2017
we celebrated our anniversary! we had a brunch at KFC. we got our very first wall art in the kitchen. we visited the biggest Irrgarten europes in our city. and my man got a new job, which he likes.

NOV 2017
we found our billiard spot! one day he wanted to take a sunday stroll and it happened to be a surprise because he drove me to a billiard spot instead. we wanted to play some billiard for a long time now and it turned out to be a great sunday!

DEC 2017
i went to Weihnachtsmarkt for the first time with my friends. my man and i decorated the house for christmas. we found the best Bratwurst and took our very first photo booth picture. and i got a new hairbang!

until then.

Welcome 2018.

January 1, 2018

Happy New Year everyone! 2017 wasn't just a magical year for me, it was my best year yet. i couldn't be more thankful for everything happened in my life, to be honest and true to myself, to be courage and listen to my gut, to do what i always want to do. i took times to learn and understand so many things. it was the year where i feel alive, get to know more about myself, make more time for my beloved ones, go above and beyond.

so this year has been challenging. i launched Morning Mountains, made it to the third semester, moved into a new apartment, visited my hometown for only 2 weeks, but you know what? it's part of it. like the fireworks, you gotta ignite the fuse and make it beautiful.

my new year's eve was full of laughter and joy. my family and i had a dinner at home, played a card game (and i won!!) and countdown together to 2018 with a glass of wine. we lighted sparklers and watched the fireworks at the balcony. we truly had an amazing evening together till 3 o'clock.

speaking of amazing evening, it included this gorgeous black dress i have dreamed of. as my eyes glanced at it, i was like pick it up quick and go straight to checkout. the long sleeve makes it perfect for a cold night and matching it with ankle boots gives a nice touch to the outfit. the coat will keep me warm and the dress will make me feel delicate and romantic for a casual NYE with the family.

how was your new year's eve? did you have a great night? i wish you all a great start into the new year and all the best! Welcome 2018!

until then.

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