Items of the Month - April

April 28, 2018

i feel like i need to take a break for now, probably 'til christmas, because April goes by so fast! the fact that my birthday is coming up is kinda freaking me out. it's not because i am getting older, but we almost reach the half of the year and i am not even ready to have another birthday, already! i used to be mentally prepared for every birthday of mine, but the last four years have been even busier and busier i could not believe that tomorrow is May 1st! i still have to manage between work and study for this week, even the big exam happens on my birthday.

but that's another story, and there will be a special post a.k.a. birthday post pretty soon because this time it's *drumroll* items of the month! when i saw the things i bought this month i realized that they are visually so stunning. let's just get started because it's a combination of fashion and beauty product this month!

1. Bershka - off the shoulder top
i gotta feeling i am gonna wear this beauty pretty often 'till the autumn hits because it's so versatile, it matches perfectly with either mom jeans or midi skirt. the material is super comfy and i don't mind if it's a bit shorter than tops i have in my wardrobe. i mean, you can never go wrong with white tops, am i right?

2. Bershka - polka dot midi skirt
have i mention that i am all about midi skirt this year?! i feel very parisian chic whenever in this. it is so adorable i could not resist buying it on the spot! the fact that i do not have so many skirts even makes me happier that i invest in such a beautiful one! i cannot wait to wear this!

3. Beauty Glam - Peel-off Illuminating Mask
i have been looking for a good mask for weeks, i mean, there are many good ones everywhere, but i want to try out the cheaper one with the glowing effect since the warmer weather has arrived. the packaging of this is so cute, and without being dramatic, i might trust this one on my face! it looks interesting and i am about to use this tonight! so another review is coming up later!

4. hair accessories
you know one of those quotes: when you are in a clothing store and in doubt, just buy hair accessories! just kidding, it applies to me only. i have a long straight hair since forever and ponytail is one of my favorite when i am in a hurry. so these cuties are always with me lately and i am thankful for it!

what do you think about these products? which one is your favorite already? i wish you all a wonderful Monday!

until then.

Striped blouse.

April 26, 2018

what i love about blouse is, that you can wear it either in cold months or warmer months. i mean, it's so versatile you can just roll up the sleeves and get the casual look and be stylish at the same time. it looks even amazing whether pairing it with skirt or jeans. i feel like everybody has to have white, black, and STRIPED blouse!

i saw this one at H&M store and to be honest i did not buy it directly because of the material but i swear it caught my eyes everytime i go to the store and i grabbed it in my hands at least three times already without buying it but it's too pretty! haha!  i had to buy this and i am so happy i did! matching it with white jeans looks even much better. i feel like i am on vacation while wearing this outfit! 

what do you think about the look? do you also have striped blouse? i wish you all a fabulous weekend!

until then.

Spring at the Elbe.

April 23, 2018

we had a coffee with a friend of us last week and sunday strolls at the river Elbe after. if you have been following my blog since months, you might have read about this beautiful river that located in my town. but it was such a good day that my man and i want to do it again, just the two of us! i love little dates with my man, especially when it comes to walking around in our free time.

spring days over here in germany is so wonderful. we had a really long winter and since the spring hits, it's kind of warmer than the usual one. the air is lovely and people are going outside soaking sunshine with a good mood. i do not know how i survive the last three weeks of school this year without this beautiful weather. now that exam weeks are happening, it's getting exhausted and i have to push through. spring has helped me to take a break for a day and just go outside to enjoy the nature. it is always so refreshing and it boosts my mood immediately, especially when i get to spend the day with my man. we already planned a picnic date anytime soon or probably just sitting outside on a towel at the park till sunset. either way, i am excited about it! did you even realize how stunning it is to savour the nighttime sounds of spring peepers and foxes' barking, and the scent of a moonlit night?! it was one of those moments where you stand still and stay silent for awhile, watch the sun fall behind the horizon, painting the sky shades of red and pink, and i thank god for that.

i got this gorgeous summer dress maybe already last winter and i have been waiting for warmer days to come since! it's such a pretty black midi dress, perfectly matched with my red sandals i bought when i was in Malaysia last summer. this is the most favorite dress of mine at the moment and is still available in the beige shades on ASOS!

do you also like the dress? and what do you love the most about this season? share with me in the comment below what activities you are excited about this spring!

until then.

BW - Blue and White.

April 19, 2018

today is the last working day of the week and i am slowly sliding into the weekend already. it has been such a good week because i was working in the operating room of Angiography and Urography. i am so grateful for the experience because i am really impressed of the medicine that we have nowadays. with the weekend comes many stuff to learn too because i have five tests next week so i gotta be ready. but first things first, soakin' some sunshine on spring days!

this look is one of my favorites because the color combination is really lovely. as i saw these white mom jeans on NA-KD, i am in love because it fits my body and has the perfect length for me as a small person. the jeans are not really straight leg, neither bootcut, kind of the combination of booth, so it's great! and how pretty my blue top is?!

what do you think about this outfit? i wish you all a wonderful weekend!

until then.

Spring has sprung!

April 14, 2018

the official spring has sprung almost two weeks now and nothing beats such days like these. the air is so sweet it almost feels like the one in my hometown indonesia. flowers start to grow, the wind is still a bit strong though but that's what makes us survive between the heat, right? i am grateful for this season because last winter felt really long. maybe because i was shortly in indonesia for two weeks before and i get used to the heat. but it's high spring here in germany and i can already leave my sweater at home by night. it is amazing! so when the first spring day has arrived, we went on a date at a beautiful palace in our hometown.

we did not use some sunscreens at that day because we actually did not expect that it was so warm! the palace is really pretty, we were imagining how fantastic it'd be to live in such a place because it's located directly at the Elbe river. the first thing i'd do when i woke up maybe to enjoy the view of the river with a tea and some delicious breakfast. the garden is also big and amazingly decorated with flowers. we enjoyed the view with some ice creams and just sat there together soaking some sunshine. it was such a beautiful day. what a place!

do you also like to go to palace? which places would you love to go to on a date?

until then.

How to style eyebrows with soap.

April 11, 2018

some of you have asked me how i do my eyebrows. as you see, i have a natural pretty thick brows and i have to be careful when it comes to grooming them. i actually just go for an easy styled eyebrows and nothing fancy on them so i prefer to shape them to look as natural as possible. i am happy with the results that come with my top secrets that i have been using for weeks now. i am loving these so much because it does not look too much for any of my make-up look and gives the perfect natural touch on it. one of the product is also recommended by this amazing make-up artist based in London and the eyebrows look amazingly stunning!

products used:

all you have to do is make your brush wet with face mist or any kind of face spray or just spritzing one or two directly on the soap. after that, roll it around the soap and comb it through your brows until all of the hair was coated and sticking straight up. you have to leave it to dry before you fill in. the soap will keeping brows firmly held in the direction they are brushed.

of course you can also try any other soap if you have any around, but i recommend a mild, facial bar-soap. it naturally feels like it dries out once you brush them with soap, but the product are using the finest natural and organic ingredients so i do not have to worry at all that i damage them. the brand use only vegetable and plant based ingredients so this is suitable for vegan use. apart from the fact that it costs about £10, this soap is super handy and it saves me so much time because of the natural look so i am very pleased with the result this product gives on my eyebrows. the soap comes with extra two little brushes which is amazing if you want to use separate brushes.


after all, this soap definitely worth the money since it serves its purpose and contains organic ingredients. i will recommend this to all ladies out there, especially those who adore groomed, fuller looking, natural brows like me.

what do you think about it? would you want to try it out? have a wonderful day!

until then.

Spring Fashion Trends 2018 | My Top 5

April 8, 2018

so.. spring is officially in the air here in germany and i am super excited to finally share with you my top five spring trends this year since i have not written such post before on the blog! that's because this is actually my first time following the trends because there are so much to love about them lately that i need to round up the trends that i can't wait to start wearing!

i always feel like i have to wear colorful piece of clothes in spring since the flowers bloom everywhere, but the last months i have tried some basic outfit that includes white shades and it's actually so flattering if it's mixed with colorful pieces to let the color pop out like yellow or red shoes. white might not be really a trend because it's 'only' one of those basic colors but you sure have seen many white dresses around right now so i think it's safe to say that it IS a trend and i am so happy about it because this color looks  stunning on any skin tone!

as a huge comeback from the 80s, it is the prettiest trend that ever happening this year! there are many ways to style it, whether wear it as bracelet or style it on those messy hairs if you do not have much time and want to go on a casual date. i personally love to style it to the low ponytail because it's the easiest hairstyle around and you have that cute hairstyle in less than five minutes! 

this is the trend you need to add to your shopping list RIGHT NOW! it is such a cute accessories to add to your spring wardrobe and gives a nice holiday touch to any spring/summer outfit, even though you are not going or flying anywhere this year! it looks even adorable with the silk scarf around the handle of your straw bag! 

the it-color of the season, am i right?! i have been loving these colors like forever, so when it's around i am so happy about it. the color is universally flattering and it looks just fabulous on every skin tone. i have seen a cute sweater in the lavender shade anytime last autumn and i just bought it right away! i cannot believe it's a trend this year! tbh, i am not into trends in generall and only wear what i really love but i have been loving many trends lately that i have to recap a spring trends on the blog this year!

you might have seen this trend around for months now so i need to add this to the list! i mean, the indie-touch is just effortlessly cool! it comes in every color but i personally love the black one (mine is from Mango) because of the cool factor and it fits in every (basic) spring look!

are you also into one of these trends? which one is your favorite? i wish you all a fabulous sunday!

until then.

My first youtube video is online!

April 6, 2018

you guys, i did it! i cannot believe my eyes till i saw it done. 

this is a very special post because i decided to do what i always wanted to do since three years now: making my first youtube video! i remember two years ago when i launched this website i told myself that i just want to focus on my blog first and maybe one day, one day when i am ready, i will do the youtube thing. but you know what? i actually did not know when i will be ready for it. this thing will never happen when i am waiting for it.

i watch youtube videos intensely since four years ago, and that was because i want to take my make-up skills to the next level. i mean, mascara and lipstick only? come on. there is nothing wrong with these, it's great though, but we all can do more with make-up, trying new things, don't you think! so inspired by them, i was having the thought of making my own channel one day. not beauty video, but more of style and fashion that i am really into.

and then i watch one of inspiring videos of Mel Robbins. you might have seen her somewhere with her amazing 5 second rules, and if you haven't, watch her youtube channel right now! i follow her since almost a year now, and this woman is such an amazing person, she keep saying: 

we are all will never feel ready. so, do it.

and it's true. here it is!

after producing this video for about a week, i gain a lot more respect for all youtubers. if you see the beauty or style videos on youtube, you may think it's easy to make, but woman i can tell you, it's not. producing one single video requires bunch of efforts, time, creativity and energy. i mean, i am having fun along the way but it really is a hard work! despite the fact that recording it lasted about one hour, editing the video took me four days. i even had no experience in editing video, so it was kind of exhausting. but it's worth it, it is freaking worth it because i wanted this thing! i am so happy that i did it, and i hope you can enjoy my very first video. if you are also on youtube, do not forget to subscribe for another update!

have a fabulous weekend!

until then.

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