Do it, anyway.

May 12, 2018

it's still May and i am happy.

i have a good life that's why, thank god i have one. i moved to Europe to do what i have been wanting and now i speak german, have a wonderful man that supports me, and go to a medicine school with such lovely people around. when i read the previous sentences over again, it sounds really like a dream come true for me. and it is. i dreamt of having life like this. nothing fancy. everybody asked me where i get the courage from, to leave hometown in such a young year. and you know what, it's inside of us, every each of us, the whole time.

i just want you guys to know that whatever it is that you've wanted your whole life, you should really go for it. and you might not doing it yet because you are afraid. be afraid, it's normal. and do it anyway. you cannot let the fear inside you make you stuck at where you are right now. because, who are we without a lil scare? everybody got scared. and me, i just enjoy it. i need to see myself, how far i'll go, because it's a part of growing, and i told myself if i am not doing it, i will never gonna do it. when i have to give a lecture at school two years ago, it was for sure the challenge of my life. i am the only person in my class who is not german, and i should give a speech about one medicine theme and i was like, this is it. but now when i think about it, i gave already about 10 speeches the last two years at school, in german, which is not my native language, and got A's. the thing is, i love doing speeches, and whatever language it is, i am just gonna do it anyway. it's not about me trying to brag or anything over here. it is just one of stories that i want to share that you, too, can do whatever it is that you love, right now, even you think you do not have the slightest chance at all. while everything you do that you love, with love, you are in the right way.

so, the bucket list that you made back then, you should grab it and do the whole thing. because nothing gonna do it for you. live the life you want. only you can fulfill it. everybody else is too busy, you know. you, have the chance to do it, today.

until then.


  1. Girl this post is so lovely!! You’re so empowering and inspiring, keep it up :)

    xoxo, Catalina |

    1. thank you so much, Catalina! i am glad you enjoy the post!
      have a lovely day! x

  2. I love your attitude + approach, lady!

    Le Stylo Rouge

    1. thank you, angel!!
      have a wonderful day! x


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