Sunshine in my mind.

June 21, 2018

summer has officially arrived, you guys!! how amazing is it?! i remember i told myself during winter i wanted to live in summer forever and here it is. the weather almost reached 30 degrees over here, so warm i know. i could not even wear long jeans anymore lately! haha! this week has been very good to me tho, we are only one day away from weekend already, i had a new haircut and started my workout routine yesterday. i am so ready for summer break and about to tick off the to do list pretty soon.

how was your week? it felt like this week goes by pretty quick, right? i wish you all a wonderful weekend!

until then.

Almost summer break.

June 15, 2018

today is officially the last day of school but it doesn't mean that the semester is over yet. i still need to work for the next two weeks but i am so happy that the theory part is finished for now. i can slowly set my vacation mode till the summer break is officially approaching, which also means i will update you with my daily post on instagram and weekly posts here on blog. it's just really exciting if you know that you can put your sunglasses and hat on when the holiday's not even started yet, so yay me!

my man and i will visit his parents tomorrow, who just came back from their vacation in italy. we are going to have a barbecue together and play some card games as usual so i can't wait to meet them already! i hope the weather is gonna be better at least for tomorrow because it's been so variant lately, some days were even cold. but either way, it sure will be fun!

how was your week? do you have any plan this weekend? i wish you all a lovely one!

until then.

1st Watercolor Painting.

June 10, 2018

summer is almost approaching, which means there are only three weeks of school left until summer break. i wanted to fill you in on life lately, and why i haven't been posting on instagram and blog for days now. i have to give a speech about a medicine theme next week and write an exam about twenty diseases and radio therapy. so it's gonna be intense since i need to keep up with school and work the next weeks. many students make the failure of not making an effort to study just because there are only 3 exams left. but sometimes they make almost 30% of the final grade, which is pretty huge.

i needed a lexicon yesterday so we went to a bookstore in town. along the way to the 3rd floor (where the lexicons are) i saw a watercolor set which caught my eyes immediately and i needed to buy it. today i tried it out before i start studying and i am quite happy about the result because i actually get familiar with drawing but making a watercolor painting out of it? it was pretty challenging.

what do you think about it? i am so ready for this school year to end and looking forward to it! for the next weeks or so i am going to be focusing on finishing up the semester. i will definitely post a whole lot more once summer break hits because i have bunch of ideas that i am gonna accomplish. i wish everyone a lovely weekend and see you guys very soon!

until then.

Outdoor picnic essentials.

June 3, 2018

finally, we made it to our second picnic ever! i know, in the picnic post last year i mentioned that we would have more of picnic all summer long and it was kinda crazy that we had not! haha! it was actually our very first and only picnic in 2017. not because it was terrible, no. on the contrary, it was such lovely day for us! i had to admit, that the activities got us so busy last year, and due to moving we still tried to manage of arranging the new house. so the days we do get off we tried to at least go for a stroll at park without any preparation like picnic or something, which was actually no big deal.

last week, we decide to have another picnic, already in spring! i mean, picnic is the best way to welcome the hottest season of the year! it really feels like summer already over here and the weather was actually being cooperated to us. yay! i was really looking forward to it and we were very happy that it was a success! we were so full after the picnic, although we did not have much to eat. haha! but we played badminton, too, which means, a lil dessert never hurt anyone, surely!

i put together a list of few practical picnic essentials for you to consider when planning an outdoor picnic, because who doesn't love checklist? especially for some occasions, checklist can be really helpful!

for toting and seating..
picnic basket / picnic rugs

for serving..
napkins /plates / utensils
mason jar / cutting board / flowers

for cleanup..
tissue / trash bags

something to eat/drink..
lemonade / berries / baguette

other essentials..
sun hat / card games

of course, it depends on where you want to have a picnic. we usually go to our local park on the weekend afternoon and sit under the trees so it's not too hot for us. we also haven't had any mosquito bites one bit so bringing insect repellent and sunscreen was not too necessary. but these are the items i will always pack for our picnic, so we might add or replace similar items to the list if we want to go to other place every now and then, like adding sunglasses, burgers (recipe coming soon on the blog!), or even beret instead of sun hat.

are there some of the items from the list you always pack for your picnic? and where do you like to go to? i wish you all a lovely weekend and have fun for your next picnic!

until then.

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