Morning Mountains

Fashion & Lifestyle blog based in Germany


About Morning Mountains.

Morning Mountains is a lifestyle-fashion blog based in Germany. 
The name 'Morning Mountains' came up as Grace, the author of the blog, had a summer vacation in her grandmother's hometown in Indonesia. The house lied near a mountain surrounded by a wonderful small lake on the island Sulawesi. During the vacation, Grace spent the whole morning everyday alone with the landscape: watched the sun rise, sat in silence and let the stillness seep in. It has inspired her to choose this name because it suits the blog and what it is all about to her, for when she writes, she is just being her own self. Since its launched in early January 2017, the blog has developed as a source of inspiration with a stylish and calming aesthetic for young women all over the world. It is written based on her personal stories celebrating life as well as featuring fashion, beauty, life hacks, study motivation and photography.

About Grace.

My name is Grace Sawford and I am currently living in one of big cities in Germany to go to a medical college. As a science enthusiast, I also keep doing things that have anything with art and fashion since my young age and so they have always been parts of me. That's why I want to contribute something to this world. I found the blogging world due to school assignments back then and I express my creativity and opinion through a blog since. After having bunch of blogs I decided to grow with this very one and only, Morning Mountains! I hope you enjoy reading it and thank you for stopping by!

All pictures on this blog, unless otherwise stated, are owned by me, the owner of Morning Mountains, and taken by my man. Any usage, modification, copying or cropping of the pictures are not allowed without the prior permission of the owner of Morning Mountains.
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