Frequently Asked Questions

what kind of camera do you use?
i use an eos canon with a 50mm lens, occasionally our iphone camera. the pictures are mostly edited with lightroom and apps which available on apple store.

how did you come up with 'morning mountains'?
the location of my grandma has a small lake surrounded by mountains which has inspired me to choose the name since i love to wake up to this view and it gives me the feeling that the entire world is with me.

where in Indonesia do you come from?
i come from a big city in East Kalimantan, Balikpapan.

what encouraged you to move to Europe?
i love traveling (i literally enjoy flying from one island to another since i was 8 or 9) and i want to see the other side of the earth (and i met the love of my life, who is german!).

who took all the pictures of you?
my wonderful man! you can visit his blog here.

where does your fashion inspiration come from?
pinterest, tumblr, instagram, movies, series, literally everywhere.

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